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If your not ready yet for a Zoom Transformation Session, and your just searching for some temporary pain relief from heartbreak due to a relationship break-up, then try some of the tips as follow....

  • Put judgement aside when feelings come up, make sure you sit quietly and close your eyes and see if it has a colour, shape or size. Recognise it and just say quietly to yourself, I now release this energy, wherever you see this colour, shape or size, picture it is moving out of your body through the crown of your head, or you can take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale out the negative feeling from your mouth with forces. By recognising it you are validating that feeling, that it felt real for you and by releasing it you understand you don’t have to hold that energy in your body. If it doesn’t make you feel better that’s ok, this takes practice and each time you sit quietly and do this you will see a slight shift in the way you feel.

  • Make a simple daily routine for yourself this will help you feel more organised and even aligned.

  • Be with family and friends that are supportive and uplifting.

  • Be more aware that when your emotions are all over the place you might make some poor choices for yourself like excessive drinking, or any other substances that numb your feelings. These are only temporary solutions and can make matters worse for you in the long term if continued and as painful as it is to go through emotions, they are necessary to help you heal and move on. Remember it’s a loss so grieving the loss is a natural process.

  • Don’t let anyone rush you into doing things you don’t feel like straight away, it's ok not to feel like it at the start. You don’t want to be out feeling sad and uncomfortable, this will make you feel worse about yourself. You will start going back out once you're feeling up to it. A good place to go out first is somewhere with music, like going to see a band because the energy in the room will lift your spirits.


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