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Everyone is different and it also depends on how long you have been with someone and the circumstances around the breakup. Some people take as little as 3 months and others can take over 6 to 12 months. If you want to move through it quicker, I suggest working on your mental wellness and by doing this you open your awareness levels more which means you will make better choices for yourself.

You need to work through the anger, betrayal or distrust before you start dating again because if you don’t you will either attract someone similar or you will repel the ones away that are good because nobody wants to be around someone with bitter angry energy, would you agree that it doesn’t sound like fun? When you start to notice an increased energy and feelings of wanting to go out and enjoy life again or if you notice you no longer feel sad when you see couples together romantically or when you can listen to a love song without crying and relating it your significant other its generally a sign that you are healing and you're doing well, keep going.

These are just a few signs that might help you to start realising you're at peace with your breakup and that can also help you to determine if you're ready to start dating again and not just looking for someone to fill the void.


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