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For women to stand united, uplift, encourage and support each other in a sisterhood for future generations to evolve.


To unlock a woman’s potential through her head, heart, and gut and reconnect her inner wisdom back to its natural state of being, through educating and aligning her super powerful intuitive instincts to take back control of her life!

Meet Maxine

Certified Transformologist®

Hi, I’m Maxine Zammit and I'm a certified Transformologist ®.

I've been helping women, who are heartbroken from breaking off a controlling manipulative relationship and worried about getting back into a similar one next time, to realise they have the power to change who they attract without compromising their values.  If this sounds like something you're going through, then I understand exactly what you're feeling because I’ve been where you are now….Longing for love and respect in a relationship after being cheated on many times and abused physically, emotionally, mentally and financially, to be able to regain my inner confidence to be resilient and trust myself in making better decisions in life without fear or uncertainty of the future. 


There were so many times in my life I felt frustrated because it felt like I was on a merry-go-round, trying to find answers that would help me to be free from my constant head chatter without thoughts of......

What could I have done better in my relationship?  What am I going to do now I'm alone and I felt stuck in the overwhelming feelings of confusion and the pain in my heart.  All of my future dreams with the man I loved for 30 years were gone.


I was so over it all because I felt exhausted and sad every day and there were some days that I had thoughts that would cross my mind “why am I even here?” Thankfully my children were still young enough to need me at the time and I stayed strong for them because I couldn’t stand the thought of those innocent souls growing up without a mother. So I became determined to heal from the emotional trauma I had experienced in my toxic abusive relationship.  This helped me to move on without the pain in my head and heart and that nagging feeling of loneliness, that the love of my life had given up on me.


By going on this journey to heal my emotional trauma I realised I tried so many different things like, Relationship Counselling, Psychology, Hypnotherapy, courses and seminars and I remember I started giving up hope because they would all help for a little while and then my issues would coming back.  So I started believing that this was going to be my life because after my marriage ended the following two relationships I got into also cheated on me, reaffirming my belief that I wasn't worthy of true love and that I only attracted unhealthy relationships.


Well I’m here to tell you that I am worthy and you are as well! because there is a solution and I was no different to you but I managed to turn my life around. The joy and success I have in my life is better than I could have ever imagined.  Even going through a worldwide pandemic and losing two jobs, I've still managed to feel great and not feel anxious nor any fear of the future and I've even recreated a new career online because I now believe in myself.  The greatest investment I've ever made was to take good care of my mental wellbeing and is the reason why I am happier now than I have ever been in my past.


Join my Free Master Class to find out how I quickly transform my life from Nearly Giving it up! to Living It Up!

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