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  • What would you do as a job if you could do anything you really wanted to?

  • What is your favourite thing to do on the weekend?

  • What was your favourite movie?

  • Where do you see yourself in the next 3 to 5 years' time?

  • What music do you like listening to now?

  • What kind of sense of humour do you have (tell me an actor you like to give me an idea)?

  • Do you get along with your family well?

  • Do you have a best friend and if yes what do you like about them?

  • Who is your go to person for advice?

  • Do you have a nickname you prefer to be called by?

  • What do you like better casual wear or neat casual?

  • Were you a good child or a naughty child growing up?

  • What is your favourite take-away?

  • What is your favourite home cooked meal?

  • Is there anything important that I need to know about you now that you feel you should tell me?

Make it just light-hearted questions for the first few dates till you get to know each other better and then you can be playful over the phone and say hey I wrote down a few questions and I thought it would be fun if we could learn more about each other and I’m happy to answer the questions after you as well. Listen closely if he avoids answering the serious questions, this could be a red flag because if someone is trying to get to know you, they would be open to you getting to know them and asking more personal questions. Also, if they don’t match your values and morals it’s going to cause problems in the relationship down the track.


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