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Blockage Identifier Call


blockage identifier call.jpg

You will be paying for a 1&1/2 hr consultation with a registered Transformologist(R) that has been fully trained and certified in the Creatrix(R) method.  I have been trained in the art of active listening to uncover what toxic patterns are playing out in your life and the reason why you still feel like something is missing and create your personal issues list that has been keeping you stuck for months or even years.

After this call, I will be able to determine if you qualify for the Transformation Sessions and if you do then I will quote you a total price for your transformation to be resolved within approx. 9 weeks, so you can move forward in life with more peaceful relationships and confidence within yourself. I also offer a money back guarantee on your transformation sessions if I don't get you you're desired results.


Special Note: If you don't qualify right now then don't worry because you will be refunded any money prior to the transformation sessions as a gift back to you so you don't feel like it's been a waste of your time and money.  Hopefully you will still have learned something from the Free Master Class that you can use in your future.  We will also discuss a plan moving forward for you so that you can have a re-evaluation in the next 3 to 6  months time, depending on the circumstances. So it doesn't mean you will never be able to have your transformation.   

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