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Educating & Empowering Women To Feel Beautiful Inside Out

 With Maxine Zammit

Meet Maxine

Certified Transformologist®

Hi, I’m Maxine Zammit and I'm a certified Transformologist ®. I've been helping women, who are heartbroken from breaking off a controlling manipulative relationship and worried about getting back into a similar one next time, to realise they have the power to change who they attract without compromising their values.  If this sounds like something you're going through, then I understand exactly what you're feeling because I’ve been where you are now….Longing for love and respect in a relationship after being cheated on many times and abused physically, emotionally and mentally to be able to regain my inner confidence to be resilient and trust myself in making better decisions in life without fear or uncertainty of the future. 


What I Specialize In






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"You cannot change your past, although you can release what no longer serves you by transforming your present moment"



Laura - Singer/Entertainer, Australia

"Maxine, Thank you so much for my sessions. Thanks to you I feel more empowered to stand in my truth and express myself. I feel so much more confident and free. The stress of the issues you helped me with is gone! So grateful I found you!"


Miranda - Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach, Canada

"Maxine is a beautiful soul, someone who I completely trust, knowing I can put myself in her hands and felt safe in my most vulnerable times. I always looked forward to my sessions with her as I knew I was in good hands when I got great results from my first session. I have now moved forward without the doubt filling my head and I'm feel amazing. Thank you Maxine for being there with open arms when I needed you."


Annie - Social Media Influencer, Australia

"Hey Maxine, you're not going to believe it but I've been getting on livestreams a lot more comfortably since we worked on...."I'm not good enough" and "I feel ugly." ​I livestream every day now, with or without makeup on Haha! I find I'm able to post more photos and videos comfortably on social media because it doesn't bother me anymore what people think and I feel good about myself and even if I get a negative comment I don't react to it because I'm comfortable within myself, so I don't feel the need to respond. I have been getting more job offers as an influencer selling products in the past few week and I feel thats because of my confidence and my consistent live streaming has attracted more companies to reach out and approached me saying..

 "They love my vibe!"  Yay! Thank you so much! "

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